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so pumped!

I'm going to the American Idol concert this July.

..I can not WAIT to see little Archuleta!!!!!!!!!


Congratz, Nina

on helping out with the most fun bat miztvah of the year :)
last night was a blast and i'm so glad i could be a part it all!

and congtratz on receiving the tuesday night air-time!

Love you, girl!

life is

pretty dang good.
not gonna lie.

hanging out with the costco crew off the clock now...
kickboxing is still wonderful..
i have my own personalized 4-circuit routine to do in my spare time..
the sun is coming out more often..
i'm still learning new things about my camera..
i got bangs again :)

and i get to go to california/wsu exactly one month from today.


got none.


and it's perfect :)

come over.
and let me take pictures of you.
every single one of you.
let's go.

<3 marissa

photography depression :(

So. Got to Cameras West in Bellevue. Spent an hour and a half with a VERY nice woman named Stephanie. We had everything picked out:
-my D40 body (yup.. downgraded from the D40x for several reasons, actually)
-the widescreen lens that comes with it
-a vibration resistant telephoto lens that is WAY too much for me to want to list the price of :/
-two plastic lens protectors that must be on my lenses at ALL times
-a lens cleaning rag
-a lens cleaning kit (why???)
-the free camera bag that comes with it
-my 18 passes to photography classes that ALSO come with it
-two informational DVDs that i may or may not end up actually watching. haha.
-and a LOT of brochures...

So it's all ready to go. My total is said out loud. We swipe my card.



turns out my debit card has a dollar amount limit of charging before the money's actually in the account (see, usually with big purchases, i'll swipe my card and then call my mom on the way out of whatever store i'm in, she'll get online, transfer that exact amount before midnight of that day, and life's fine. everything's perfect.) but APPARENTLY that little system of ours has a flaw. boo :(

So I call my mom, she tries to transfer the amount, THAT doesnt work, we ask if she can read her VISA card number over the phone, store policy supposedly claims that we can't do that in this situation.. blah blah blah..

long story short: I have to go back this weekend. My mom transferred the money, so it's there now. All I have to do is drive back up there, swipe the card again, and take home all my goodies :)

The only GOOD part about tonight (other than seeing and holding my new baby and all it's toys) is that Stephanie still let me stay for the over-booked class that
1.) I wasnt technically supposed to go to without the purchased camera, and
2.) was technically too full, but she let me sneak my bag onto a seat to save my spot early on in the evening.
SO.. the class was bomb. Absolutely terrific. I got to play with the store's Display Nikon D40 model, so I couldn't actually change a lot of the settings, but I got the gist. The class was so good for me. I even took notes - who DOES that?!?!

so annnyyyywaaayyyssss..
i'm going tomorrow morning.
i dont care that i work at 1:30.
i dont care that its considered a useless trip to Bellevue and a waste of time and gas.
i dont care.

I've seen the camera. I've held the camera. I.. now.. officially... love my camera.

K I'm done. Nobody actually needed to see/hear/read any of that.
But this is a journal. And this situation, in my opinion, called for a journal entry.

k g'night :)

*please note the music choice. i'm THAT frustrated. haha*

my first lj post

haha YAY i actually created ANOTHER account for an online distraction that i DONT need.
dang i'm good.
so yah. i'm just posting cuz i can.
not cuz i need to.
bye for now?


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